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Evidence-Based Fitness

Updated: May 23, 2022

Measurable. Observable. Repeatable. This is one of the core tenets of the CrossFit methodology and what separates what we do from other fitness programs.

Measurable: the movements have clearly defined standards in regards to range of motion (hip crease below the top of the knee in the bottom of a squat) and specific parameters depending on the intent of the workout for that day (work for a certain amount of time, complete a certain amount of reps, etc).

Observable: the movements can be tracked with objective data; how much weight is on the bar; how many reps were performed to the standard provided; how long did it take to complete the run; etc.

Repeatable: take a wide variety of tests and repeat them from time to time in order to track progress or regression. If you take a workout from 3 months prior and repeat it today using the exact same standards and parameters, you can quickly and easily determine whether you made improvement or not. For example, 3 months ago you deadlifted a 225# bar 30 times in 2:00 and today you deadlifted a 225# bar 31 times in 2:00, you objectively improved your fitness.

We use this "measurable, observable, repeatable" process across as many different time domains, with as many different movements, weights, rep schemes, as possible. This is how we determine with undeniable data whether you are improving your fitness across a broad spectrum of tests (aka whether you are getting fitter or not). Evidence-based fitness.

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