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Butch's Testimonial

Updated: May 23, 2022

Why did I choose CrossFit? Because it works, is the short answer. The full answer is that at age 53, I had spent many years losing and gaining the same 40 pounds I picked up my freshman year in college. To be completely honest CrossFit was just another “option” that presented itself as the “solution” I was seeking to not only lose the 40 pounds, but to keep the weight off.

CrossFit Enapay

When first presented with the option I rejected it without really considering or fully exploring what CrossFit was. It wasn’t until a friend of mine that I played high school football with approached me with a brief overview of CrossFit, that I finally realized that it might just be what I had been searching for since high school. His presentation was short – “CrossFit is just like football practice. You show up and they tell you what to do. You do it. And then you go home." With that simple presentation he had hit on everything I was looking for – scheduled, scripted and fun. Now, I didn’t consider football practice to be only fun, but I did love to play football and I so missed that “competition”. Not because I excelled at it but because it made me a better version of myself.

Now the reason it turned out to be a fit, was equal parts CrossFit and the experience Stu and Amber offer. Stu handles the motivation and Amber is the encourager. They both are passionate about coaching, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. Their approach has made an entire box that feeds off of the positive energy. I don’t know all the people I workout with well, but I do think of them as family. I was blessed to have been introduced to CrossFit in July of 2017, but I was even more blessed to have found a community of support and encouragement that has welcomed me back after several extended periods that I let work take priority over my health.

While I try not to be a CrossFit “nerd”, I do try to encourage everyone to find their “fit”, not for vanity purposes, but to work on becoming the best version of yourself you can. Now at 57, I can tell you that there is not an easy solution, but there is one that you can become passionate about. If you haven’t found that yet, I have something you might like. CrossFit at Enapay!!

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